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Court Blocks Cuts To California IHSS

Governor Jerry Brown recently announced $100 million in cuts to In-Home Supportive Services that were included in the state budget “trigger cuts” that authorized $1 billion in automatic spending reductions.

In-Home Support Services and the Developmental Service budget are not the only budgets greatly impacted by the cuts. Major reductions were also seen in Higher Education. K-12 was impacted, but less than education advocates had feared.

$100 million in cuts in spending to the overall Developmental Services budget was also included. Certain services within 21 non-profit regional centers and 4 state operated developmental centers for eligible children and adults with developmental disabilities would be impacted by those cuts.

These budget cuts were to take effect at some point after January 1, 2012, the exact date depending on the reduction. Currently, a Federal Court Order has halted the 100 million dollar cuts to the In-Home Support Services. Details have not been released about the Developmental Services cuts at this time.

Programs that affect persons with disabilities or mental health needs, as well as seniors and low income families would not be affected by the “trigger cuts”. However, Medi-cal managed care would see a $15 million reduction.

A non-partisan Legislative Analyst released his mid-year report in mid November on the 2011/2012 State Budget and revealed a 13 billion dollar shortfall unless the problem is corrected by the Legislature and Governor. The revised State budget that was presented by Governor Brown and Department of Finance Director Ana Matosantos showed revenue below what was anticipated when the State budget was passed last June because of the state of the economy.

Governor Brown warned that his proposed 2012-2013 State Budget that he will release on January 10th will contain more proposed reductions.¬†Governor Brown doesn’t anticipate proposing more cuts mid-year other than what will be implemented by the “trigger cuts”¬† and is hopeful that the state’s economy will continue to improve and hopeful that voters will approve his proposed temporary tax increases.

“These cuts to the universities, to In-Home Supportive Services…are not good. But we have to live within our means,’ said the Governor.